Please use the comment section below to share your memories of our beloved Sara. You can also upload pictures in the comment section as well. Thank you for visiting us and being a part of Sara’s life. She is not here in body but she will be with us in spirit and in our memories forever.



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    • I miss her a lot.She was my dear friend from many many years ago.Let her rest in heaven with out any suffering.God bless her soul and comfort to her children and grand children!!!

      • “In the garden of memory, in the palace of dreams… that is where you and I shall meet.

        My childhood friend Sareye, You will always be in my heart. Those we love don’t go away, They will be in our memories always. I will miss you Sareye. I am so sorry Dear…

        My Condolences to the family.

  1. ሣራዬ የኔ ቆንጆ፣ ሣርሽ እህቴ፣ ጓደኛዬ ነበረች፣ በፍቅርሽ ህመም ጊዜ በጭንቀትና በፍርሀት ወቅት አይዞሽ በመባባል፣ አብረን ፀልየናል፣ አብረን አልቅሰናል፣ ሣርዬ መፅሐፍ ቅዱስ ማንበብ ትወድ ስለነበር በተለይ የዳዊትን መዝሙር እና መፅሐፈ እዮብን በቃሏ ነዉ የምትላቸዉ፣ ሣርዬ ብዙ ችሎታ ነበራት የምትፅፋቸዉን ግጥም እና ምላሌዎችን ሳነብ በጣም አደንቃት ነበር፣ ሣርዬ፣ አንችስ እፎይ አልሽ በቃ ተገላገልሽ፣ ወደ ምትናፍቂ ወደ ፍቅርሽ ሄድሽ፣፣ ፍቅር እስከ መቀብር የተባለዉን፣ ሣርዬ ባንቺ አየሁ የጓደኛሽን፣፣ በቃኝ እሄዳለሁ ብለሽ ከቆረጥሽ ከፍቅርሽ ጋር መሆን ከሆነ ምርጫሽ፣ በመንግሥተ ሰማያት ከፍቅርዬ ጋራ እግዜር ያኑርሽ፣፣ የምወድሽ እህትሽ ፀሐይ ሚሊዮን፣፣

    • My aunt Sariye,
      Thank you for all your love and kind heart. I miss you and I love you. I pray that you’re now at peace along with Emmaye, Gash Fikre and Abby. You raised wonderful, resilient, and gracious children. Love!

  2. Sara was a mother and a friend to all of us. We were very close to her until the early morning of the 15th of May 2020, the last moment we saw her. And it seems to us that we miss her. But as the saying reminds us; “A mother is with us always, first in her lifetime, then forever in our memory”.
    Yes, Sara will remain forever in our memory!
    May our prayers help comfort her family and friends and expedite the journey of Sara’s Soul to Heaven.

    With love, kokie and Yit.

  3. My dear Sara shewangizaw,

    When I say goodbye on March 16th,
    I didn’t think it would be our last.

    I will never forget your looks on that day
    We both cried and said to the nurse to let
    Me know if you need me.
    Miss you and love you.
    Know you are with beloved husband.

    Thank you

  4. John 16:22 – So also you have sorrow now, but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you.

  5. Even though we didn’t get a chance to properly know Wzo. Sara. It’s easy to see how wonderful of an individual she was through the character and unity of her children. Her kindness reflects through her kids. May she rest in heavenly peace.
    May God keep you in his right side!!

    Bekele, Amsale & Family

  6. An excellent and deserving preparation. Amlak nefsuwan yimar.

    Thank you very much for enabling us all to participate. God bless you. Semret, myself and your sisters here.

  7. Sara was my friend from back home, Addis, and a family member as well. She was a fun-loving and decent person. I will always remember her signature smile. Let her soul rest in peace.
    Our deepest condolences

    Mismake Yimane and Yigzaw Ambaye

  8. This was so beautifully organized. Despite our physical presence, we were all with you guys on this webinar. Especially in prayer throughout the weeks. In the past, we’ve had the pleasure to meet her, and got to appreciate the love and welcoming feel she provided to new faces. We wish we knew her in greater dept. May her kind spirit continue to fill your hearts!

    May she rest in eternal peace.

  9. Etiye Sara, I remember the first time I saw you when I was about seven or eight, in front of Paulos hospital in Addis when you came to see my grandmother. Since my mom told us about you ever since I can remember, I was so excited to finally see you in person, and I remember telling my mom how beautiful you were. Over a decade later, we came to see you in Virginia, and I remember how loving and hospitable you were. I wish I had a chance to get to know you better in person, but I feel like I do since I’ve heard about you from my mom over the years. I have heard of how your love and compassion wasn’t just reserved to those who were close you, but it extended to strangers and those who are less fortunate. I was specially impressed by how you treated everyone equally regardless of their status in society. That means that you have the heart of Christ and shared the love of God with people whose lives you touched. I will miss you and I hope to see you again in the place where there will be no more sadness, no more sorrow, and all tears will be wiped away from our eyes. Rest in Peace! From Hanna Mesfin (Haregewoin’s daugher)

  10. ሣርዬ እህቴ፣ አብሮ አደግ ጓደኛዬ፣ ብዙ ችግር አብረን ያሳልፍን ረዳቴ፣ ሚስጥረኛዬ፣ በልጅነታችን ሁሉ ያሳለፍነው ጊዜ ካጣሁሽ በኋላ እየመጣብኝ ተቸገርኩ። በመጨረሻዎቹ ቀናት እድል አግኝቼ እንኳን ሳላናግርሽ፣ በስልክ እንደልማዳችን ሳንወያይ፣ መታመምሽን ሳልሰማ በርቀት እንዳለሁ ህልፈትሽን ስሰማ ሀዘኑ ለኔ በጣም ከባድ ነው። ቢሆንም ሣርዬ የዋህና ልበ ንጹህ ስለሆንሽ በለመለመው ሣር ላይ እንደምታርፊ ተስፋ ስላለኝ በዚህ እጽናናለሁ። ፃድቃን ሰማዕታትና መላእክት ይቀበሉሽ። እህትሽ ሐረገወይን ወርቁ

  11. “For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?
    And what is it to cease breathing but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?
    Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.
    And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
    And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.”
    ― Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

    Thinking of you praying and sending all my love during this new stage of your life. I am sharing Margaret Meade’s words that well articulates every mother’s wish for her loved one after she transitions.

    I cannot speak, but I can listen.

    I cannot be seen, but can be heard.

    So as you stand upon a shore and gazing at a beautiful sea

    Remember ME. ❣️

    As you look into a flower and admire its simplicity,

    Remember ME. ❣️

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